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Default ImageIt has already become a tradition in this part of the preparation to hold a friendly match against FC "Armavir".

On January 24, “Urartu” FC met with the representative of the Russian championship of the FNL - “Armavir” FC.

The match was quite interesting. Despite the fact that there were few scoring chances, the struggle on the field was uncompromising.

The only goal was scored in 68 minutes. The player of “Armavir” FC,Oleg Polyakov, after the corner scored a goal.

In addition, the next match of “Urartu” FC will be held on January 28, the rivel will be “Alashkert” Football Club. The game will be held on the “Urartu” FC training ground, start at 16:00.

 “Urartu” - “Armavir” 0-1

0-1 Oleg Polyakov (68 ’)

“Urartu” FC The player on trial (Grigori Matevosyan 45'), Hakob Hakobyan (Arsen Sadoyan 70'), Evgeny Osipov, Edward Kpodo, Juan Azocar, Aram Bareghamyan (Hrachya Geghamyan 70 '), Marko Brtan (Peter Mutumosi 58'), David Papikyan (Jurica Grgec 38 '), Player on trial (Gevorg Tarakhchyan 45'), Karen Melkonyan, Semyon Sinyavsky (Erik Petrosyan 70 ').

Below we present you the highlights from the match: