Milos Nikolic: “We need to go on the field in each game for victory”

  • 2019-07-29 08:40:43

Milos Nikolic: “We need to go on the field in each game for victory”

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After today’s training session, we had a short interview with the team's newcomer, Serbian defender Milos Nikolic.

- What did you know about Armenia before moving to Yerevan, how do you feel here?

- Honestly, I knew very little about Armenia before my move, now I know more, I feel very comfortable here, Yerevan is a wonderful city. Great people live here, they are polite, and when they find out that I am from Serbia, their attitude becomes even better.

- What was the main reason for accepting the Banants offer?

- I read about Banants from many different sites and knew that it was one of the best Armenian clubs, have the best sport complex in the region. And also, before the move, I talked with my teammates Igor Stanoevic and Alexandar Glisic, who told only positive things about the club, and I decided to move here.

- What goals do you set for yourself in Banants?

- Of course, the highest goals have been set, it is important to approach them step by step, from match to match, to go on the field in each game in order to win. We have a good team, we are constantly growing and can achieve our goals.

- What do you say about the fans of the club?

- It was very nice to see them in Belgrade, their voices were heard louder than the fans of the stadium owners, and in Yerevan the support was even more fantastic. Football is for fans, no fans - no football. I want to thank them for their dedication and ask that they have always been with us.