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In the 9th round of Vbet Armenian Premier League Urartu FC faced Van FC from Charentsavan. The teams exchanged one goal each. Oleg Poliakov scored a goal for Urartu FC, and the only goal of the hosts was scored by Vladimir Filippov.

During the break for international matches, Urartu FC had palyers who were invited to the national team of Armenia, in different age categories, and to the national teams of other countries. In today's match, the main players of the team Narek Grigoryan and Salomon Nirisarike were absent from the starting line-up of Urartu FC.


The match for Urartu FC began with rather dangerous moments, but as a result of the fact that the chances were not realized, we conceded a goal. After a mistake in defense, the players of Van FC were able to open the score of the match. Vladimir Filippov scored a goal. After the goal, the players of Van FC became more active, they even had several chances to score a goal before the break.


In the last 3 matches of the championship, Urartu FC failed to score. In the 9th round, our guys finally managed to score a goal. A free-kick was assigned to the opponents' penalty area, after Hakob Hakobyan's shot, Oleg Poliakov managed to hit the goal on the second attempt, thereby scoring his third goal in the current season.


The next round we will spend again in Charentsavan, where our team will face Noravank FC. We'd like to add that following the results of this round, Urartu FC continues to be in the 6th place with 10 points in the asset.


1-0 Vladimir Filippov (11'), 1-1 Oleg Poliakov (61')

VAN FC: 12. Arman Meliksetyan, 3․ Andranik Voskanyan (c), 6․ Argishti Petrosyan, 19․ Aleksander Stepanov, 18․ Vahagn Ayvazyan, 8․ Gagik Daghbashyan (23․ Dmitry Kuzkin 61'), 28. Aleksander Hovhannesyan, 13․ Emmanuel Mireku, 7. Vladimir Filippov (16․ Luis Felipe Costa Menezes 61'), 88. Zaven Badoyan (99․ Chidi Bolu Pascal 70'), 9․ Ahmed Jindoyan (17 Stefane Adjoumani 46' (27․ Josue Gaba 67').

Bench: 22․ Nikolay Tsygan, 21․ David Papikyan, 2․ Emile N'dri Koukou, 23. Dmitri Kuzkin, 44․ Norik Mkrtchyan, 16․ Luis Felipe Costa Menezes, 29․ Mikayel Galstyan, 17․ Stefane Adjoumani, 27․ Josue Gaba, 99 ․ Chidi Bolu Pascal, 11․ Ernist Batyrkanov.

URARTU FC: 24. Arsen Beglaryan, 4. Armen Manucharyan (36. Khariton Ayvazyan 67'), 14. Petr Ten, 15. Annan Mensah, 2. Nana Antwi (25. Edgar Grigoryan 67'), 8. Ugochukwu Iwu, 9. Narek Aghasaryan (21. Narek Grigoryan 55'), 5. Hakob Hakobyan (c) (19. Sergey Mkrtchyan 81'), 90. Oleg Poliakov, 10. Karen Melkonyan, 23. Livio Milts.

Bench: 96. Anatolii Aivazov, 77. Erik Simonyan, 36. Khariton Ayvazyan, 18. Salomon Nirisarike, 95. Vardan Arzoyan, 3. Karen Galstyan, 25. Edgar Grigoryan, 6. Peter Mutumosi, 21. Narek Grigoryan, 19. Sergey Mkrtchyan, 33. Vitinho, 20. Gor Lulukian.