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In the 16th round of the Vbet Armenian Premier League, we met the leader of championship Ararat-Armenia FC at home. The match ended in a goalless draw.

Karen Melkonyan was once again included in the starting line-up of our team today, for whom this match was a jubilee. This was Melkonyan's 90th performance in the Armenian championships.

In the first half of the game, the territorial advantage belonged to the guests. The team led by Gunko created more moments to open the score, but they did not manage to break through the defense of Urartu FC and score a goal in the first 45 minutes. Ours were mainly trying to move forward with counter-attacks, but there were no goal moments. The teams went to the break without scoring goals.

In the second half, the difference that existed before, was not noticed anymore. Urartu FC was carrying out dangerous attacks and threatening the goal defended by Valerio Vimercati with blows, and the opponent had very few real goal moments. At the end of the match, our boys had good opportunities, but we did not manage to conclude them. Urartu FC registered its second goalless draw in the current season. The first was an away game with SevanC FC.

We'd like to add that this was the last home fixture of this year. And as a guest we have another fixture to hold. On December 10, we will face Noah FC at the FFA Technical Centre-Academy. The game will kick-off at 17:00.



«УРАРТУ»: 24. Арсен Бегларян (к), 4․ Армен Манучарян, 18․ Саломон Нирисарике, 67․ Вадим Парамонов, 25. Эдгар Григорян, 9. Нарек Агасарян, 8. Угочукву Иву, 19․ Сергей Мкртчян, 90. Олег Поляков (2. Нана Антви 86'), 10. Карен Мелконян (22․ Артур Миранян 86'), 12․ Джонель Десире (21․ Нарек Григорян 74').

Запасные: 96. Анатолий Айвазов, 14. Петр Тен, 95․ Вардан Арзоян, 2. Нана Антви, 36․ Харитон Айвазян, 15. Аннан Менса, 6․ Питер Мутумоси, 5․ Акоп Акопян, 23․ Ливио Милтс, 21․ Нарек Григорян, 22․ Артур Миранян, 33. Витиньо.

«АРАРАТ-АРМЕНИЯ»: 77․ Валерио Вимеркати, 2․ Антонио де Соуза Гильермо, 5. Давид Тертерян, 79․ Сергей Вакуленко, 17․ Закария Саного, 6. Убеймар Ангуло (24․ Юсуф Отубанджо 82'), 19. Карен Мурадян (10․ Армен Амбарцумян 70'), 20. Алвин Тера (18․ Артём Аванесян 70'), 14․ Майлсон Лима, 88․ Уилфред Эза, 27․ Фурджель Нарсинг.

Запасные: 33․ Дмитрий Абакумов, 13․ Вардан Шаатуни, 4․ Альберт Хачумян, 11․ Егор Клименчук, 10․ Армен Амбарцумян, 94․ Дану Спетару, 18․ Артем Аванесян, 7․ Жирайр Шагоян, 24․ Юсуф Отубанджо, 99․ Армен Оганесян.