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We talked with Vahe Harutyunyan, head coach of the “Urartu” U-15 team and the Armenian National  U-14 team, about training young players during the quarantine period, possible consequences of the break and further actions.

- For more than 2 months, the Academy teams have not been training for well-known reasons. How does this break affect on young players?

- Given the fact that training resumed in the second half of January 2020, the break has been going on for more than two months. Of course, nothing can be without consequences. However, it all depends on the individual trainings of players in conditions of self-isolation.

- Was there a clear training program which helps young players to keep shape during this period ?

- The training program was transformed into an individual program and provided to young players. Of course, keeping fit may not be complete, but individual trainings will show its effectiveness with the resume of group training sessions.

- As a head coach, what will be your first steps after resuming trainings for the fastest recovery of children's abilities?

- First of all, we need to improve the functional shape of players, including technical and tactical factors. For children of different age groups, a special training program is developed taking into account the age of players and not only. In this context, the task of all coaches, like mine, is to train and develop young players.

- How much time will it take for a team to become competitive?

- With the restart of training, it is necessary to make their process alternating, giving priority to individual development, since the approaches and methods of young and professional football are different from each other. Periods of recovery and physical fitness in different age groups are also different.

- You are also the head coach of the Armenian U-14 national team. What is the situation with them and what are your plans for working with guys in the near future?

- Work in the national team and in the club is different. I am always in touch with football players and coaches. They also work with a special program. Unfortunately, the April UEFA development tournament, which was supposed to be held in Armenia, was also postponed. As soon as training sessions resumes, we will prepare for the next tournaments.

- It is not yet known when the championships and tournaments will resume, but should we hope that the teams will be able to fight with the same energy?

- The club and coaches will do everything possible to ensure that both the women's team and all youth teams continue to train normally and show good results in various tournaments.

- What do you say as a conclusion?

- Based on the current situation, I express gratitude to the medical staff and wish all sick people good health, and I will advice our children to be patient, disciplined and follow the instructions of their coaches. I hope we will meet soon.