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On March 14, the owner of "Urartu" Football Club, Jevan Cheloyants, held a meeting with the participation of players, coaches and club employees.

The topic of the meeting was a pandemic due to the massive spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus throughout the world, including in Armenia.

It was decided until March 18 to suspend all types of training and works on the territory of the "Urartu" training ground.

Future plans will be announced on March 18, after an online discussion of the problem with representatives of UEFA and presidents of UEFA member associations.
During the meeting, Mikhail Vartapetov, Deputy General Director of "Urartu" for Medical part, presented the precautions that must be observed to avoid possible risks.

Here you can watch the interview of Vartapetov ․

We urge the public not to panic, to be vigilant, to keep their health as well as possible, and if a problem occurs, consult a doctor.

Health is the most precious thing for us, therefore, nothing can be more important than it.